Job Description - US Representative



The United States House of Representatives is a public sector institution incorporated in 1789 to assist in the governance of the United States of America. Comprised of 435 members and over 10,000 support staff, the House served more than 316 million people in 2014 and had a budget of $3.02 trillion. The House must work closely with its sister organization, the United States Senate, and the chief executive to accomplish its goals. 


During this volatile period of change, the House is in need of visionary leaders to reverse its historically low public favorability and help the institution overcome divisions that have left its management deadlocked on issues of critical national importance. Run for America seeks to recruit and support a dozen highly accomplished, innovative, future-focused, and passionate candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2016.

Upon election, Representatives are afforded a two-year contract, which can be renewed following a public performance review every two years. Representatives are expected to work tirelessly on behalf of their constituents and their country in the pursuit of the citizenry’s general welfare and a more perfect Union.


Per original Articles of Incorporation:

  • Must be at least 25 years old as of January 4, 2017
  • Must have been a citizen of the United States for the past 7 years
  • Must be a resident in the state or territory of election


  • Base salary of $174,000 (and an ability to set future salary)
  • 132 required work days, no five-day work weeks, and paid vacation 
  • Allowance of $944,671 for a staff of up to 18 individuals, and an additional allowance (avg. $450,000) for mailing and office expenses
  • Generous pension eligibility after five years of employment and full health and dental benefits
  • Complimentary travel to and from Washington, DC headquarters
  • Immunity from arrest while at work
  • Opportunities to attend exclusive events and meet VIPs through “Congressional Delegations”
  • A front row seat to history, and an ability to make a difference for millions of people


  • Retain exclusive authority to initiate budgets, impeach officials, and break ties in presidential elections
  • Participate in ongoing decision-making at Washington, DC headquarters (3-4 days/week)
  • Serve on one of 20 standing committees dedicated to creating and evaluating policies in areas such as energy and commerce, transportation and infrastructure, and homeland security
  • Lobby other Representatives to support desired legislation and policies
  • Conduct regular meetings with constituents to report on the activities of the House
  • Engage in oversight of executive offices, including through hearing expert testimony
  • Be available to the local, state, and national media for interviews
  • Meet with leaders of business, civic, religious, and other groups, and their representatives, to hear policy concerns and suggestions
  • Manage support staff who handle communications, constituent services, and legislative activities


  • Held a leadership position in the public, private, or non-profit sector for at least 2 years
  • Demonstrated ability to mobilize ideas, people, and resources
  • Record of accomplishment and problem-solving
  • No prior experience in elected office is necessary (indeed, preferred)


  • Works well with others, especially those of different political persuasions
  • Exceptional writing, communications, and listening skills
  • Passion for public service and a desire to improve our world
  • Innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Ability to comprehend complex systems yet see the bigger picture
  • General awareness and nuanced understanding of the challenges facing our country
  • Strong personal convictions (and no criminal convictions)
  • Ability to maintain demanding daily schedule of meetings, briefs, events and fundraising
  • Ability to handle multiple large projects simultaneously in a hectic, fast-paced environment
  • Having a passport is a plus


To nominate someone, please visit To apply through linkedin, just press the apply button below. Nominations and applications are due July 31, 2015. Final interviews will take place on November 8, 2016. 

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