About Pathways


For students to have access to institutional resources to help them conceptualize, internalize and operationalize integrating more strategic and critically planned civic impact into their lives post-graduation, with a focus on running for office, working on campaigns and public service.


To offer a compelling, student-directed, capacity-building programming for students to be inspired, motivated, and capable of more intentionally planning and operationalizing greater civic impact, with a focus on running for office, working on campaigns and public service.


Pathways Methodology.png

Pathways is a unique civic leadership development model with several important values at the core of its mission and philosophy.

Participant-driven. The program is built on widely-tested methodologies in behavioral psychology and community-led development to facilitate greater participant ownership over the ideas, activities and eventual outcomes.

True independence. We don’t instill particular ideologies or policies in participants, but rather, help them gain the confidence, skills and resources they need to create independent frameworks that they can use for a lifetime of effective civic program/policy making.

Connected and collaborative. We believe in curating diversity of background, thought, perspective and experience to ensure participants not only form long-term collaborative relationships with each other but also value and internalize the need for diversity in decision-making environments.

Nonpartisan. We strive for a balanced cohort of individuals, and have designed our program to be as nonpartisan as possible, creating a truly inclusive and trusted space where participants  are open to ideate, develop and argue for what they believe in.

Pragmatic and innovative governance.  We believe in better government through better governance. Pathways empowers participants to be truly results-driven, practical, creative, ethical, strategic, courageous leaders in public spaces.